T-shirts and shirts are timeless pieces of apparel for men’s clothing. Polo shirts top the list when you talk about casual clothing for men. However, this one apparel can get you a distinct look by adding a few complementary pieces.

These shirts are readily available at Tommy Hilfiger’s Australia showrooms and in other countries. Let us explore different ways of styling a casual polo t-shirt in the following section.

Different Types of Polo Shirts

A polo shirt is always a good option when you are confused, under scorching heat or with a slight drop in the temperature. Here is a brief guide to help you choose the right type of t-shirt from Tommy Hilfiger, Australia.

  • Classic Polo T-Shirt: These are classic cotton and are absolute favourites during the summer season. These polo shirts are essential for every man’s wardrobe because they are available in elegant solid colours.
  • Long Sleeve Shirts: These are one of a kind collection in the polo range because it looks great when the temperature is considerably low. It is easy to pair with jeans or trousers because of its versatile look.
  • Short-Sleeve T-Shirts: If you have a well-chiselled muscle on your arm, this will be a perfect combination. You can style these t-shirts as per your liking and get comfort and style in the same package.
  • Knitted Shirts: Knitted shirts in the polo range are exclusive and work well for moderate weather changes. You can easily complement it with a jacket or add a vintage look with trousers.

Now that you know what suits your style the best, it is essential to know the dos and don’ts of these classic t-shirts.

Do’s While Styling A Polo Shirt

The best way to choose a cloth is to know how to style it. If you fail to pair your apparel with the right combination, it is of no use to you.

Here are some tips on how to style your t-shirts from the polo range.

  • Always pair dark t-shirts with light coloured jeans to get the best looks
  • Make sure you choose the right size so that the height of your t-shirt gives the appropriate coverage.
  • Tuck or untuck your shirt depending on the occasion you are going to. If you wish to style yourself in formals, you can tuck it. Otherwise, it is best to untuck and maintain a classy casual look.
  • Polo t-shirts look the best when you button them because that is how the complete look comes out. Even if you don’t like buttons, try to button at least one of them for the best outcome.

Now that you have some fantastic styling tips knowing what not to do with your polo shirt is also necessary. The following section will describe the don’ts.

Don’ts While Styling A Polo Shirt

The best way to think out of the box while styling a polo t-shirt is to leave behind the traditional styles. Below are don’ts to remember when you shop for a polo shirt.

  • Avoid an undershirt when you opt for short sleeve shirts
  • Don’t pop the collar and let it sit traditionally
  • Ignore the accessories if you are wearing a polo

These basic styling tips will help you stand out from the rest even though you have opted for a classic polo shirt. Some traditions are worth preserving when it comes to apparel, and this is one of them.