Selected with input from the city’s most fashionable and design-conscious residents, our ongoing edit of the best fashion stores New York City has to offer – whether rare vintage finds, downtown designers, or big-name boutiques, consider it your ultimate New York shopping guide.

The best fashion stores New York has to offer


70-74 Bowery, New York, NY 10013

Colourful store interior of Homer New York store

(Image credit: Courtesy of Homer)

Founded in 2018, with its true launch in August 2021, Frank Ocean’s independent jewellery and accessories brand made its home in Chinatown within the five-storey New York Jewellers Exchange building. Glass and metal vitrines house Homer’s fine and high jewellery, such as a turquoise enamel pendant in the shape of a doll inlaid with lab-grown diamonds, with some accessories such as silk scarves in the space designed in collaboration with Michael Abel and Nile Greenberg of ANY. Some of the pieces reach six figures: Ocean reportedly once said he wants nothing to be less expensive than Cartier.