• Insider spoke with stylists about the fashion trends they think have gone out of style this year. 
  • Trends with 1990s inspiration, like bucket hats and checkerboard prints, are fading.
  • Chunky sneakers are out and slimmer shoes are back in.

Fashion works in cycles, and certain trends from the past few years have already started to wane. 

Insider asked professional stylists which trendy items won’t be sticking around in 2022.

From basic black leggings to stiletto heels, here are the clothes and accessories you should think about getting rid of next year:

Plain leggings will be replaced by unitards 

Personal and fashion stylist Lana Blanc told Insider that plain leggings will be eclipsed by more interesting stretchy garments in 2022. 

“Plain leggings are on the decline,” she said. “If you’re headed to brunch rather than yoga, I recommend opting for a unitard or a split-seam legging instead.”

Rather than tossing your plain leggings, you may want to relegate them to your workout wardrobe or loungewear drawer. 

People aren’t quite ready to return to wearing stilettos

red x pointing at pair of tall black stilettos jojo siwa wearing on red carpet

Platforms and wedges are just more comfortable than thin stilettos.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

With many people still spending more time at home, it should come as no surprise that towering high heels aren’t trending for 2022. 

“After more than a year of wearing loungewear inside and outside the house, stilettos are still not ready to make a comeback in 2022,” Blanc told Insider. 

She recommended Chelsea boots, platform boots, and block heels as stylish and comfortable alternatives to sky-high stilettos. 

Full baggy outfits are waning in popularity

Fashion stylist and model Tara Dupuis told Insider that the baggy outfits and oversized garments from 2021 will give way to more tailored silhouettes in 2022. 

“As many of us start spending more time out of the house again, the trend for comfort-first baggy outfits will be replaced by more structured and fitted styles,” she said. 

If you’re not quite ready to let go of your comfy clothes, pairing looser items with fitted ones (like wide-leg pants with a body-skimming sweater) can be balanced and chic.

But skinny jeans are out and wider cuts are in

red x and arrow pointing at a pair of light wash skinny jeans

Wider-cut denim is outshining skinny jeans.

Charday Penn/Getty Images

Blanc called out skinny jeans as the top item to nix from your 2021 wardrobe. 

“Skinny jeans are definitely dead,” she said. “But on the bright side, there is now a wide range of looser, on-trend denim styles to choose from.”

If you’re looking to transition to a different cut, Blanc suggested trying a straight leg before diving into the wide-leg trend. 

It’s probably time to swap your micro bag for a real purse

Micro bags — tiny purses that can only hold a cellphone or a set of keys — had a fashion moment in 2021, but the trend is fading away. 

“People are finally tired of these impractical bags, and I’m glad to see this trend die,” Blanc said. “Invest in an actual handbag that can hold your personal belongings.” 

There’s a difference between a micro bag and a small purse, so don’t be afraid to keep things minimal while opting for something that can hold all your essentials. 

Cold-shoulder tops are already dated

red x and arrow pointing at woman posing for the camera wearing pink cold shoulder top blouse

The style had its moment, but the trend won’t continue into 2022.


Tops with shoulder cutouts are losing ground to fresher styles. 

“While these are still a favorite for many women, this trend has been around awhile and is simply starting to feel a little bit tired,” Dupuis said.

Instead of showing off your shoulders, the stylist recommended selecting tops with other fun arm details, like puff sleeves or statement cuffs. 

Replace uncomfortable shrug sweaters with easier layering pieces

Personal stylist Leigh Williams told Insider that people are realizing that shrug sweaters — cropped, knit pieces that cover the arms and shoulders — are hard to wear. 

“People are catching on that this style can be constricting and really limit the movement of your arms,” she said. “We’re now seeing more slouchy cardigans than shrug sweaters.”

For a light top layer, you can also opt for a shawl or an oversized scarf. 

Consider replacing your chunky sneakers with slimmer styles

red x over close up of chunky white sneakers with pink details

Chunky neutral-colored sneakers have been in style for a while.

Sergiy Akhundov/Getty Images

Chunky platform sneakers have been wildly popular on catwalks and Instagram, but the “dad sneaker” trend may finally be on its way out.

“I was never wild about this footwear trend, so I’m glad that chunky sneakers are now being replaced with chic mules or sleeker leather sneakers in 2022,” Dupuis told Insider. 

If you miss the support of the sneakers, try slipping an orthopedic insert into a slimmer set of shoes for the best of both worlds. 

Bike shorts should move permanently to your workout wardrobe

Stretchy bike shorts will officially be considered gym clothes again. 

“Now that we’re once again dressing for work, dinner, and events, the trend for sporting bike shorts as everyday wear is definitely on the decline,” Dupuis said. 

She suggested finding an easy-to-wear, dressier alternative like paper-bag shorts or pants.

Tie-dye clothing may be replaced by more grown-up patterns

red arrow pointing at man in blue and pink tie dye shirt

The style can come across kind of young.

Artist Photographer 3D/Shutterstock

One of the most popular DIY fashion trends of 2021 was tie-dye. But this fad may fade away in favor of more polished colorful items. 

“The tie-dye trend was youthful and playful, but this style is already being phased out as we start going back to work and being in more formal settings again,” Dupuis told Insider. 

But there’s no need to drain the color from your wardrobe. Opt for color-blocked or brightly patterned items to keep the fun going. 

Retro bucket hats are on their way out again

The early 2020s saw the return of bucket hats, a staple of 1990s fashion. But this trend is fading into fashion history once more. 

“The truth is that bucket hats can look overly casual or even kind of silly,” Williams said. “In 2022, you’re better off throwing on a classic baseball cap if you want to accessorize with hats.”

Knit beanies paired with oversized button-ups can give you a similar cold-weather casual look with retro vibes. 

Skip the checkerboard prints in 2022

red arrow pointing to checker board print skirt zendaya on he red carpet

The retro pattern is fading out again.

Tim P. Whitby / Stringer / Getty Images

Bold checkerboard prints can be eye-catching, but Williams said she’s happy to leave this dizzying trend in 2021. 

“Checkerboard prints are visually jarring and incredibly difficult to wear in real-life situations like work or dates,” she told Insider. “Now that we’re spending less time in the house, this print trend is on its way out.”

If you still love the look, try adding it to your outfits in small doses, like a checkerboard scarf or purse in muted hues.