The COVID-19 pandemic had undeniably changed beauty consumption​. And experts also believed it would continue to define industry for years to come​. But after 18-months of challenges and widespread adjustments, there were some important movements opening up plenty of opportunities for growth and success.

Our CosmeticsDesign global editors had already identified their 15 Global Beauty Trends to Watch in 2022​​ in our annual video, with back to science, skin 2.0 and upcycled ingredients just a taste of what had been forecast. But here, CosmeticsDesign-Europe caught up with Michelle Chavez, global trend expert and forecaster at Avon, to find out what it considered were the biggest trends to watch.

Beauty as therapy – self-care for the ‘sensorially starved’

“One of the biggest trends that we’ve seen from the beginning of the pandemic, and just continuing to evolve as we’ve been through it, is this idea of beauty as therapy,”​ Chavez said.

“Self-care became so important at the very beginning of the pandemic. It was so important at the very beginning because people underwent this immense pressure on their mental health and there was very little we could do externally to try and alleviate that pressure. We couldn’t go out with our friends, go have a drink, have dinner, go shopping, and so we had to look at what we could do in the four walls of our home, and beauty came to the rescue really.”

Consumer started to use beauty as a healthy coping mechanism to “stay present in the moment and not get too caught up with what was happening outside”​, she said. ​Scented shower gels and time bathing took on new meanings for people looking to escape reality, she said, and the textures, fragrances and feelings beauty products gave took on new importance given everyone was so “sensorially starved”,​ she said.