Let’s say there was a checklist for how to spot two best friends.

Maybe they’d have nicknames for each other, like how Amie Bennight calls her bestie “sis” and how Julie Megahan responds with some shortened version of “Amie.”

They’d have a cute story about how it all began. The Colorado Springs-based stay-at-home moms were talking on the phone a decade ago about setting up a playdate for their preschool-aged kids. They recognized each other’s out-of-state area codes.

“We were like, you’re from Texas? I’m from Texas,” Megahan said. “It was an instant friendship.”

There would be inside jokes, like how Bennight likes to describe her friend as “Chip and Joanna Gaines in one body.”

And even their inside jokes would be compliments, because a best friend likes to brag about their best friend.

For Megahan, 52, and Bennight, 46, the checklist could keep going. The best friends are also business partners.

On a trip in 2016, they walked onto a fashion truck — a concept that stood out during the emerging food truck craze — and the wheels in their minds started turning.

“Julie just looked at me and said, ‘We’re doing this,’” said Bennight, who was immediately on board.

They never talked about starting a shop together, but they had already bonded over a shared love of clothes and shopping, whether they were grabbing groceries or trying on blue jeans.

“That was our epiphany,” Megahan said. “And we just kept following that path.”

When they weren’t really searching for a vehicle, an old school bus for sale crossed their path.

One night while sipping cocktails, the friends heard the patter of Megahan’s pet Chihuahua crossing the room. That’s when they decided to name their shop after little Delilah.

Delilah’s Fashion Truck & Boutique launched in 2017, serving as the Pikes Peak region’s first mobile boutique and as a place that merges passions for its owners.

Bennight, who has a background in tech and marketing, is the “brains” behind the operation. Megahan, who has worked in retail management and is a proud shopaholic, is the buyer.

Together, they’ve made Delilah’s into an inviting shop that catches people’s eyes and keeps them coming back.

Stepping aboard Delilah’s, a worn-in leather driver’s seat is one of the only signs that this bus is from 1999. You can tell the racks of cozy sweaters and plaid shirts were chosen by someone who follows fashion.

Megahan said she picks trendy items as well as classics, like her favorite category of clothes: Denim. She also looks for a less tangible trait.

“You want clothes that are going to make you feel good,” she said. “What you’re wearing is part of who you are. It sets your mood.”

That’s a lesson she passed on years ago to her best friend.

“I don’t think I knew how impactful clothes could be until I met Julie,” Bennight said. “She’s helped me discover who I am.”

As they travel around Colorado and beyond on their truck, that’s something they try to share with customers.

“We want to share love and happiness,” Bennight said. “Fashion just happens to be our medium for goodness.”

Delilah’s can be found on the road and in one spot, inside Splendeur Boutique Salon in Old Colorado City. They had limited merchandise near the front of the salon and the truck can often be found parked outside.

Whether you’re shopping on wheels or in the store, you’ll usually meet two best friends who smile while they suggest things to try on.

“It’s the best when we get to play dress up with someone and see how they transform,” Bennight said. “That’s magical for us.”