Levels Barber College owner Rodney Dennis, center, watches as student barber Jorell Boykin cuts Steven Gibson's hair at the Canton barber college.

Having a haircut can be an intimate expertise. 

“We’re so near that when I communicate, you can scent my breath and I can odor your breath,” Ranges Barber College or university operator Rodney Dennis stated.  

Which is why Stages – along with a few other barber and attractiveness outlets in the location – is participating in a multi-website COVID-19 vaccination celebration Saturday as part of an initiative led by Beacon Charitable Pharmacy and together with the Better Stark County City League and the Stark County Black Nurses Association.  

“I’m chopping your hair for any place from 30 to 45 minutes,” Dennis stated. “And if I’m shut plenty of for you to odor my breath, I have to get precaution to defend you.” 

The “Get The Shot” function is portion of a grant funded venture led by Beacon Charitable Pharmacy to fulfill men and women where by they are and present education about COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as supply pictures to those people who want them. Parts of the occasion at every web page will also be livestreamed to Beacon’s Facebook website page to share well being details to individuals who may not be there in individual.