As the famous adage goes, “age is just a number” — there is no right age to bring out the fashion diva hidden in you, and be stylish. In fact, there are many celebrity models over 50 who have inspired others to not be shy and restrict themselves to do anything just because of age. If you are looking for tips related to fashion for women over 50, then you are at the right place.

Women over 50 can up their fashion game with tight-fitted jeans, fall dresses, floral dresses, heels, and skirts. Your age clearly should not define how you dress up or do your makeup, but there are certain outfits and styling techniques that work better for middle-aged and older women. That should not stop you from experimenting though — as long as you are comfortable with your styling, nothing else matters! But, if you are looking for some amazing fashion and styling tips for women over 50, then keep reading to know more!

Fashion for Women over 50 – Tips And Tricks to Follow

1. Make Denim Your Friend

Make Denim Your Friend for fashion-for-women-over-50

Denim looks rocking on everyone, so go for brands that cater to women over 50, and get yourself denim T-shirts, dresses, jackets, and so on to look ravishing.

2. The Perfect Pair of Jeans

 The Perfect Pair of Jeans for fashion-for-women-over-50

It can be hard to find a pair of jeans that fit well, but having a well-fitted pair of jeans can help you upgrade your wardrobe. If you want a more classy and sophisticated look, you can go for a darker shade of denim. 

3. Have Fun with Tank Tops

Have Fun with Tank Tops for fashion-for-women-over-50

Tank tops are a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe — you can wear them alone or pair them with a jacket and jeans. From jeans to skirts, they work with everything.

4. Go Bohemian

Bohemian clothes for fashion-for-women-over-50

One of the most amazing tips on fashion for women over 50 is to go boho and pick printed palazzos, cute tank tops, and bandanas to look classy. You can even choose to keep it simple yet elegant with a red/black overcoat and accessories. Try not to go for gaudy accessories, as they may ruin the entire look.

5. Make a Royal Statement with Jewelry

Make a Royal Statement with Jewelry for fashion-for-women-over-50

Wearing jewelry makes a woman feel beautiful, elegant, and confident. It takes your fashion game up a notch and helps you look gorgeous. Pick jewelry that’s timeless and classy – you can go for pearl studs, cocktail rings, colored gemstones, and hoop earrings. If you want to go for the trending style, make sure not to go overboard with dazzling jewelry and bombard yourself with it. 

6. Black to Your Rescue

Black to Your Rescue for fashion-for-women-over-50

Black dresses never go out of style, they are a timeless beauty and suit every occasion. So, one of the best tips in terms of fashion for women over 50 is to have a black dress in the wardrobe. You can go for floral dresses, A-line dresses, or a maxi dress, tweak the style as you want, but rock that black dress. 

7. Layer It up

Layer it up for fashion-for-women-over-50

Being fifty doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fashion sense. It is a fabulous age, and you can rock your style by going for cardigans, jackets, tops with asymmetrical cuts, and scarves. 

8. Go All White

Go All White for fashion-for-women-over-50

White is the color of purity and it reflects innocence in people. White tank tops with black jeans or white dresses look awesome on younger, middle-aged, and older women. White is a color with which you can never go wrong, so go for white tops, T-shirts, jumpsuits, and dresses to elevate your look.

9. Flowy Dresses


Flowy Dresses for fashion-for-women-over-50

Summer is the time to flaunt your body, and go with dresses that are flowing, enjoy the beach, and have fun. Pick summer dresses, bodycon, and cotton pants to enhance your silhouette.

10. Choose the Right Lingerie

An elder woman in lingerie for fashion-for-women-over-50

More than the outfit, sometimes, it’s about the right lingerie. Make sure to wear a well-fitted bra, to have a great overall look. In fact, you can go for different types of bras to make yourself feel good. There is no age to be naughty, isn’t it?

11. Say Yes to Sweaters

An elder woman in sweaters for fashion-for-women-over-50

Sweaters are a savior in the winter season. Women over 50 should look for long sleeves, and long sweaters, and pair them with straight-leg jeans. Avoid going for skirts with long sweaters, as they won’t look highly appealing. Also, try to go for sweaters that fit you well and fall nicely around the hips. Cashmere and cotton blends look great on women of all ages.

12. Choose Colors That Suit Your Skin Tone

An elder woman in colors that suit her skintone for fashion-for-women-over-50

It’s important to determine your skin’s undertone and tone to know what kind of makeup and colors will suit you the best, and make you look beautiful. It is a common notion that skin with cool undertones looks in outfits that are purple, gray, green, and blue in color. People with warm undertones look great in light colors, and people who have neutral undertones look awesome in bright colors.

13. Find Your Style

Find your style for fashion-for-women-over-50

When it comes to fashion and styling, nothing is one-size-fits-all. It doesn’t matter what’s trending — if you feel you aren’t comfortable wearing it or that it doesn’t look that great on you, ditch that style. Try to experiment as much as you can and create your own style that works best for your body. For example, if you have a curvy body, you can go with belted A-line dresses, skinny-fit pants, V-necklines, and peplum silhouettes.

14. Prints And Colors

 An elder woman in prints and colors for fashion-for-women-over-50

Go for bold prints, and floral dresses (small or big depending on your body type). Don’t think that bold prints and colors are only for youngsters, you can rock them too.

15. Skirts

An elder woman in a Skirt for fashion-for-women-over-50

Skirts always look stylish and unsurprisingly flattering, no matter what your age or size is. One of the most amazing tips in terms of fashion for women over 50 is to go for pencil skirts (black color would look best) and make sure it is fitted. You can glam it up by pairing it with black booties, a mid-heel pump, or high boots (not over the knee). Avoid wearing flat shoes with pencil skirts.

16. White Button-down

White Button-down for fashion-for-women-over-50

Take inspiration from the famous American actress Katharine Hepburn. To emulate her, opt for a white button-dress and pair it with flowy linen pants. To complete the look, wear wedges. This is a look that’s chic and timeless and can be worn to lunch dates or parties. You can even add statement jewelry like a necklace or a watch to make the look more elegant.

17. Embrace Skincare And Haircare

Embrace Skincare And Haircare for fashion-for-women-over-50

Just imagine this — you are all decked up with a beautiful dress, a pair of heels, and accessories, but your hair is a mess. Will it look good? Not at all!! Many times, it happens that women over 50 stop taking care of their hair, but one must know that good hair means happy you. Get a haircut, and if possible, get a hair spa done on a regular basis to look glamorous.

Similarly, investing in skincare is equally important to stay fashionable. Aging is an inevitable part of life, and wrinkles, fine lines, and acne are a part of growing up. But, following a proper skincare routine can help you get flawless skin and look great.

18. Go for Peplum Tops

Peplum Tops for fashion-for-women-over-50

Peplum looks like an extra ruffle strip that’s attached to a dress, jacket, or top. Peplum tops are those wherein the fabric gathers at the waist and then flares down. It is a wonderful trend that women over 50 can follow.

19. Take Care of Little Things


Sometimes, little things like sunglasses, makeup, or an accessory can make a huge difference. 

Keep note of the little things like your hairdo, makeup, the footwear you are wearing, the type of belt you are wearing, and so on to make all the difference in your look.

20. Don’t Hesitate to Take Risks

 A senior woman in risky clothing for fashion-for-women-over-50

There is no reason why you shouldn’t experiment with your looks and be a little daring. Whether that be a new print or a new trend altogether, give it a try if you wish. Don’t hesitate to take risks — after all, where there is fashion, there is boldness!


We cannot stop aging, but we can ignore the stereotypes that come along with it. There is no age to stop yourself from following the latest fashion trends and implementing them to look like a diva. Take help from these style tips, and outfit ideas related to fashion for women over 50, and rock any look with grace and elegance. Remember — with confidence, you can rock any look, no matter the age.

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