Zara takes its first steps in the metaverse.
Image: Courtesy Zara

If your avatars thought they would be spending their lives strutting their stuff in jogging suits and Gucci sneakers, they could be in for a surprise. That’s right, they too are entitled to their fast-fashion outfits. Fast-fashion giant Zara has announced a new partnership with Ader Error to be present in the world of the South Korean metaverse Zepeto.

The concept of the metaverse may still be somewhat vague for many men and women around the world, but it’s becoming harder to ignore this new world that is finding favor in many sectors, starting with fashion and beauty. The luxury industry is currently dividing its priorities between sustainabie and digital initiatives, and it could soon be a key player in these new worlds. Many brands, including Gucci, Balenciaga, and Ralph Lauren, have already experimented with them, creating capsule lines and collections specifically designed for your virtual counterparts.

But it’s not just luxury players who are jumping on board the metaverse. Fast fashion giants also want a piece of the action, and are looking to hese virtual worlds to bolster their reputation, especially when it comes to their number-one target, millennials and, even more so, Generation Z. Ready-to-wear brand Zara is jumping in headfirst with a collaboration with South Korean label Ader Error with a collection of clothes for both worlds.

Available in real life, the collaborative collection AZ Collection will be available to buy via South Korean metaverse Zepeto, which counts numerous partnerships with players in fashion and cosmetics, including Louboutin, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Nars, and Dior Beauty, but also with many celebrities such as Selena Gomez and the group Blackpink. Users of the app can now buy virtual clothes and makeup for their avatar(s) in the Ader Error X Zara store.

“The designs reflect the lifestyle of people whose personalities are shaped by their simultaneous experiences in the real world and the virtual one, demonstrating the new ‘persona’ dreamed up by both brands,” Zara explained on its Instagram post.

While it’s the fast fashion giant’s first foray into the metaverse, it’s probably not the last, given the potential offered by this parallel universe.

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