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Han to head fashion platform Musinsa alone

By Kim Jae-heun

Musinsa CEO Han Mun-il
Musinsa CEO Han Mun-il

The country’s largest fashion platform, Musinsa, has decided to run its business under a single representative system by appointing Han Mun-il as the sole CEO, the company said, Wednesday. Musinsa is headed by Han and co-CEO Kang Jung-gu now.

Musinsa expects Han to accelerate the company’s growth based on quick decision making, as he will lead the company alone after the board of directors meeting scheduled for the end of this month. Kang will leave his top executive position and take on his next role as the company’s adviser.

After joining Musinsa in 2018, Han played a key role in expanding the company’s business by establishing its growth strategy, attracting external investments and acquiring startups in the fashion industry.

Han also launched Musinsa’s various new businesses, including Musinsa Terrace, Musinsa Studio and Soldout. He is now in charge of the company’s overall management, focusing on marketing and sales, as well as global business.

“It is my goal to help local fashion brands and Korean fashion designers get the spotlight and contribute to the virtuous cycle of the fashion ecosystem here. Musinsa will not only support Korean designers to advance to the global market, but also find new growth engines on its own,” Han said.

Meanwhile, Musinsa is rushing to recruit IT experts in an effort to expand its global business. It recently appointed Cho Yun as the new chief technology officer, who served in the same role in Woowa Brothers’ Vietnamese overseas company.

Cho is expected to help Musinsa enter the global market with her engineering skills in developing online mall platforms. Musinsa currently operates various services, including Musinsa Store, Style Share and Soldout. It plans to recruit a large number of staff during the first half of this year.