You were born, you grew up, admitted to school, entered college, and now passed out as a graduate. Maybe you are at the college level and want to earn money. If you are a graduate and can’t find a job and sitting idle, learn how to earn free money by answering surveys.

To be honest, surveys can and maybe not be good to make enough money. Some platforms offer interesting rewards, while some pay less. It is not the only concern on many sites, you receive the mail for survey invitation, and on answering some questions, they say, “You are not eligible”. According to the research, the maximum incentives are paid to the residents of the US, UK, and Canada.

The thing to consider!!

As told earlier, you won’t be earning enough to handle routine expenses in a go. It is only recommended when you are free and wasting time earning nothing. Here are some of the important things to keep in mind while going to surveys;

  • Don’t use platforms that ask you to pay for answering the surveys or try our premium membership to multiply your earnings and things like that. The reason is that you join websites to earn money, so how it sounds sensible to you that you earn after paying them? Well, some reputable sites do offer legit memberships, and you can try them. This is surely a scam if you can’t continue earning without paying them. Some sites offer cashback offers and recommend you buy through different public platforms. It is fine to buy as you buy products.
  • It is silly to rely on the income you make from such sites. You should be looking for other options as well. It sounds better if you are enjoying and earning some bucks at the same time. It happens when you spend time answering a survey and get disqualified at some step. Don’t panic in such situations because sometimes you are not recommended as per the provider’s criteria.
  • It happens, you are not paid. It takes 2-3 min on average to fill a survey, and surveys taking longer than 20 min are not real. It is not recommended to get trapped in such surveys.
  • You should not waste time on free earning money sites. Here, it means that don’t prioritize the use of such websites. Only use if it’s fun using such websites, but still, give less time. It is recommended to keep finding yourself a job to earn a handsome amount.

If you keep these things in mind, you will not regret visiting such sites.


You can try survey platforms recommended as the best platforms. You may choose any one of them if wishing to earn by answering surveys. When you visit a platform, you register and earn money by attempting surveys on the platform. For answering the surveys, they give you points that you can redeem for cash or can also redeem for gift cards. You will also get points if you play games and surf the web or watch videos. The average earning paid to the users is forty to two-hundred points. When these points are redeemed to USD, it makes up forty cents or two dollars per survey. Furthermore, in some lucky chances, you may be invited to answer a survey to get fifty dollars.