Here at Coveteur, we know our way around a good closet. Once you get past the intrigue of the collections themselves, the way they are kept and organized can often prove just as inspiring. Perhaps that’s Taylor Hill hanging her denim by each pair’s belt loops upon hooks, a solution she refers to as a “denim bar.” Or maybe it’s stacking your vintage t-shirt collection in open shelving so every item is visible à la stylist Ian Bradley. We’ve rounded up the best tips, from the minute to the grandiose, discovered in these magical spaces for you to apply to your own closet.

1. Group Shoes by Type

Photo: Anthony Blue Jr.

Naomi Elizée doesn’t meticulously sort her shoes but does loosely group by type—boots on one level, heels on the next.

2. Stack Your T-shirts

Photo: Kadar R. Small

When it comes to a t-shirt collection, take a note from Ian Bradley’s closet and stack yours upon open shelving. That way you can actually see what you have.

3. Add Bins to Upper-Level Shelving

Photo: Rasaan Wyzard

Take advantage of overhead shelving, as Plant Kween did. This is perfect for off-season items that you don’t need your eyes on at that particular moment in time.

4. Keep Inspiration In View

Photo: Tim Buol

For those of us as sartorially obsessed as stylist Alexander Julian Gibson, closets are already a place of inspiration. So why not take it to the next level and toss a few reference images in the mix.

5. Use Nails As Tie Hooks

Photo: Alec Kugler

If you’re as into this preppy staple as Rowing Blazer’s Jack Carlson is, DIY some nail-head storage—the perfect solution to storing long fabric accessories such as ties or scarves.

6. Get Creative With the Appearance of Storage

Photo: Coveteur

Storage shouldn’t simply be functional but beautiful, too. In the case of Jessica Hart’s enviable closet space, she used industrial iron pipes to serve as the foundation for hanging racks.

7. Prioritize Most-Used Pieces

Photo: Tim Buol

It’s evident Jim Moore is a uniform dresser. If you’re as well-versed in the pieces you wear most, keep your collection of those items front and center.

8. Jewelry Deserves A Front Row Spot

Photo: Alec Kugler

What is jewelry if not art? Lucinda Loya proves this idea by displaying her jewelry stands on the island in her walk-in.

9. Group Like Materials Together

Photo: Morgan Pansing

In the case of both your hanging and stacked items, sort according to the rainbow as Natalie Bloomingdale does for both a visually pleasing and efficient result.

10. Utilize Closet Doors

Photo: Kyle May

Tastemaker Michelle Li doesn’t waste an inch of her small but mighty closet space. Even the doors provide extra means of storage with hanging shoe organizers.

11. Let Jewelry Boxes Serve A Function

Photo: Alec Kugler

Don’t toss those pretty jewelry boxes. Instead, like Rosella Della Giovampaola, let them serve a function: a way to protectively store fine jewelry.

12. Keep Your Shoeboxes

Photo: Lawrence Agyei

In the closet of Joe Fresh Goods, shoeboxes are kept both for functional and aesthetic purposes.

13. Store Shoes In Every Nook and Cranny

Photo: Alec Kugler

Closet space is precious, so don’t waste a single inch. As Sari Sloane does, stick shoes in any nook or cranny available.

14. You Can Even Store Them In Cabinets

Photo: Alec Kugler

Stella Bugbee lets her closet storage leak over into a space that previously served as a kitchen. I.e. her shoes have taken up residence in cabinets.

15. Hang Denim On Hooks

Photo: AB+DM for The Only Agency

Taylor Hill calls this her “denim bar.” Here, she hangs her jeans by a belt loop on a row of S-shaped hooks.

16. No Creative Way to Hang? Stack!

Photo: Alec Kugler

If hanging isn’t right for your particular closet space, stack your denim for optimal visibility as 3×1 co-founder Rachel Lamel does.

17. All A Closet Needs to Be A Closet Is A Rack

Photo: Tim Buol

A closet is but a state of mind—a hanging rack is all you need. In the case of designer Tia Adeola, she keeps clothes in full view in her creative space.

18. Cubbies Are Perfect for Shoe Storage

Photo: Tristan Kallas

Footwear designer Tamara Mellon knows a thing or two about shoes—and shoe storage, no surprise. In her closet, she proves the versatility of cubbies for housing her collection.

19. Color Coordinate As Best You Can

Photo: Tristan Kallas

Brad Goreski’s closet proves that color-coordinated storage is not an exact science, but a general framework to arrange your clothing.

20. Employ A Hat Rack

Photo: Alec Kugler

If you collect hats like stylist Venus Fabbricatore, add a hat rack to the mix to keep them in your line of eyesight (and preserve their condition).

21. Implement A Signature Color

Photo: Lia Clay Miller

Leah McSweeney knows her signature hue—case in point: this dusty rose that blankets her wardrobe. Find yours and let it inform your decisions regarding storage solutions.

22. Anything Can Be A Vehicle For Jewelry Display

Photo: Coveteur

Allow your pieces of art to take on functional personas; Kim Hastreiter proves that jewelry can be hung on just about anything.

23. Hang Your Belts On A Rack

Photo: Jackie Lee Young

Leon Bridges is a collector. In his personal closet, he uses a typical closet bar to store his impressive set of unique belts.

24. Roll Your Knits

Photo: Sean Davidson

Alejandra Alonso Rojas has a penchant for knitwear. Here she shows us that in shallow drawers, rolling them is best for visualization purposes.

25. Store Structured Handbags Vertically

Photo: Silver Chang

Let structured handbags stand on their own, as does Laura Kim in her fanciful closet. That way, their visual prowess is unhindered.