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It can be hard to know what to wear or what trends to pay attention to, especially after nearly two years of exclusively wearing sweatpants and never leaving the house. This is why the talents of Latinx trend researcher and fashion inspiration Agus Panzoni are needed more than ever. We could all benefit from her glimpse into what’s on-trend, what to wear, what to buy, what styles to avoid, and what looks to look out for as we move towards a (hopefully) more normal and happier holiday season and new year.

Agus Panzoni certainly has her finger on the pulse of the style scene — she’s been on top of trends for several years, and thanks to TikTok, she’s been catapulted into the spotlight with her on-point trend recaps and totally accessible video clips. Now, with more than 240K followers, she is a go-to source for fashion know-how and upcoming styles to pay attention to.

While scrolling through social media, it can certainly seem as if Agus Panzoni was born to talk fashion trends, but in reality, she had to work hard to get to where she is, and her path to trend forecaster fame was not without its share of hiccups. 

Panzoni used to work for the trend forecasting company WGSN, in what she calls her “dream job,” where she would look at economic, political, health, and lifestyle factors to help determine what people will wear in 1-2 years from now. But she lost that job due to visa issues — she’s from Argentina — which led her to start talking about trends by posting mini-trend reports using her own analysis on her TikTok account, @thealgorythm.

Everything took off from there, with her following growing daily and her life-changing rapidly. What started as a small community of people tuning into her video clips has exploded into a massive loyal audience of more than 240,000 followers.

According to her LinkedIn page, her success and unique ability to forecast fashion trends come from her ability to “merge emotion and logic, utilizing qualitative and quantitative research to learn about user insights, market insights, and trends.” 

If it sounds more scientific than you realized anything in the fashion arena might be, that’s because it is. 

Being a trend forecaster is not all glitz and glamour. It’s not all fashion shows and style magazines and playing around with cool clothes. It actually involves a lot of numbers and data and analytics and making strategic predictions about the future. And by future, we mean 1-2 years from now, not next month. Trend forecasters are not picking what you should wear to dinner next week; they’re predicting style trends in future years based on everything from politics to climate change and the economy, in addition to aesthetics and fashion preferences.  

When she’s not posting trend reports on TikTok for her hundreds of thousands of loyal followers, Panzoni is working at her day job at Depop, a fashion marketplace app with a global community. Agus champions the success of the Top Seller community by translating user feedback into strategic solutions while building strong bonds between our members. 

In many ways, we have TikTok to thank for the trends we’re seeing (and loving) in mainstream fashion, Panzoni suggests. She explains that TikTok is not only influencing what is popular but also helping to bring back the popularity of many subcultures and fashion trends of the past. 

“The TikTok algorithm is especially good at introducing us to new things, analyzing what we resonate with, and giving us more of it,” Panzoni told CBS News. “By segmenting us based on what we like, the TikTok algorithm has resurged subcultures.”

So what’s coming in terms of trends in 2022-2023? Panzoni predicts rebellion will be infused into wardrobes and styles of the future. If this past year was all about clothes being joyful and people embracing escapism in the post-lockdown reality, then the future of fashion will be all about edgy fashion and going against the norm.

For more fashion trend predictions and forecasting from the mastermind behind @thealgorythm, follow her TikTok, or what Panzoni likes to refer to as “TrendTok.” On her feed, you’ll find everything from trends to watch, the future of fashion and how it relates to climate change, must-know Latinx designers and fashion brands, and everything in between. It’s as much about education in terms of forecasting as it is about style inspiration. If we’re being honest, simply watching and listening to Agus’ take on all things fashion is mesmerizing.