1. It is unhealthy and uncomfortable to wear shoes without a pair of socks

Wearing shoes without a pair of socks causes rubbing and friction that leads to blisters on your feet. Plus, if you sweat a lot on your feet, then socks are essential.

2. Not wearing socks causes shoes to lose shape

Your dress shoes will lose shape if you do not wear socks. Dress shoes are probably expensive so you should care about them losing shape.

Now that we have established that socks are important, is there any time you can get away with wearing socks?

1. When you are wearing loafers or sandals. Ahmed says, “Unless I’m wearing sandals or slippers I feel like I have to wear socks for comfort.”

2. You can wear quarter socks, low rise or ankles socks, they offer you the required comfort without showing.

1. Let the colour of your socks go with your trousers and other accessories like your pocket square and lapel pin.

You can make it the same colour or choose a more vibrant colour, just make sure it goes together. Avoid colorful socks when going out for serious functions.

2. Never show your legs when wearing socks

If the socks are short, the helm of your trousers should cover the ankles or wear long socks.

3. Wear clean socks without holes.

Once you wear a sock, you must wash it after and if it has a hole in then it has to go. Do not wear mismatched socks too.

4. Do not wear athletic socks when you are wearing dress shoes.

We do not need to see the Nike Logo, when wearing dress shoes.

5. Do not wear socks with sandals or slippers.

The point of those shoes is to let your feet breathe, so do that.