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There’s often a fine line to walk between dressing tastefully and on-trend without overdoing it. If you know, you know, you might say. And oftentimes, nailing that difficult balance starts from the ground up—with your shoes, of course. The best men’s shoe trends for 2023 leave enough wiggle room for every taste and every budget.

There’s room for every type of shoe in your closet, one suited for every situation: be it dressy days at the office, nights on the town or weekends lounging in the park. There’s a way to rise to the occasion (with some help from your footwear) to help you feel on trend in the year 2023. Join us once again as we round the freshest in footwear—you might just come away fully inspired to up your style game. 

1. Hybrid Sneaker Boots

Are they sneakers? Are they boots? Yes, in short. From footwear giants like Nike and Converse to styles like Vans hiker sneakers, the idea of throwing two ingredients into a blender and ending up with one stylish final result has never been more prevalent as you shop the best men’s shoe trends of 2023. 

What exactly does that mean? It’s simple enough on the surface: Blending the traction, tread and springy step of a sneaker with the durable upper of a boot, or else adding boot-like qualities, like a lug sole, to sneaker silhouettes.

The result is a trend that will carry well into 2023, whether it’s found in stomp-worthy silhouettes like Nike’s sporty ACG line or the fusion of classic Converse high-top sneakers with sturdy, boot-like construction. These are almost the perfect shoes for these “in-between” times—cool enough to wear at the office a few days a week with slim black jeans and a white Oxford shirt, yet adventurous enough to spend a day at a city park or an off-the-grid getaway. There’s a dizzying array of sneaker boot options, but when in doubt, look for something that suits your personality. 

Vans gore-tex sneakers men's


Nike ACG Mens boots


Converse men's Chuck Taylor All Star Waterproof Sneaker Boot


2. Spring Sneakers

Sneakers for spring and summer—how groundbreaking. And yet, if the pandemic and a “return” to normal life have taught us anything, it’s that some trends are just, well, here to stay. That includes stretchy, comfortable and yet outdoor-ready athleisure, naturally. We’re also here for the idea that yes, it’s OK to dress a bit more comfortably (not sloppy, though!) at the office. Think: Chinos with an elastic waistband or smartly tailored joggers in a dark wool-blend fabric. 

And what goes well with those dressed-down but polished pieces? Sneakers, of course. But let’s get more specific: Those white Common Projects sneakers you might have saved for weekend wear are perfectly suitable these days back at the office. 

And while sneakers with a suit has been en vogue for some time now, it’s OK to team up the classics—like three-stripe Stan Smith sneakers or white high-top Converse kicks—with your tailored joggers at the office. That might be the key trend to take away here more than anything: Mix up the classics with clothes that represent the “new normal.” Think of it like a sporty, somewhat trendy, hybrid style that reflects today’s new normal. 

best men's shoes Common Projects

Common Projects/Theory.

adidas stan smith men's


3. Western All the Way

The Western wear trend we’ve seen on runways and IRL (and especially on TV screens with shows like Yellowstone) shows no signs of slowing down in our book. Perhaps it’s a result of the pandemic: people went a bit stir-crazy and wanted to escape to the great outdoors, rugged footwear and gear in tow. Perhaps not. 

But one thing’s clear: It’s here to stay. Western boots, be it traditional cowboy boots or even suede zip boots with a stacked heel, are simple enough to wear with blue jeans and a white henley come spring, but you can assuredly embrace the vibes of the American West with a black Western shirt and light wash denim. 

Stay away from boot-cut jeans—most slim jeans should fit over your boots just fine—and opt for brands like Tecovas, the 9-year-old brand doing Western boots in a tasteful yet old-school way. 

Tecovas men's boots


4. Merino Means Business

Shoes made from material other than polished leather, suede or even canvas were once hard to come by—but not anymore. The root of that sea change traces back to a fabric more typically found on your shoulders and hanging in your closet. Merino wool is about as innovative a natural fabric in nature as it gets, with anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties built right in (the fiber comes from Merino sheep).

That makes it a great material for T-shirts (both workout and casual tees), plus breathable crewneck shirts & sweatshirts, among other staples. But what about shoes? Yes, that same fabric actually makes for super-comfortable, surprisingly polished shoes that are easy to take care of and last quite a long time, all the while replicating classic, low-profile sneaker silhouettes.

Companies like Allbirds paved the way for wool footwear (and have famously been worn by President Barack Obama), while upstarts like NOBULL provide a sporty alternative in sleek black. These shoes deliver some serious bang for your buck, whether worn for a training session or paired up with tailored joggers on a casual Friday. 


allbirds mens merino sneakers



no bull merino slip on sneakers mens


5. Sustainable Kicks

Sustainability and eco-conscious practices in the fashion world, especially footwear, have sometimes been a moot point over the years: out of sight, out of mind. The tides have certainly turned in all areas of the menswear world, be it denim production using less water or T-shirts made from organic and recycled fibers. Of course, that throughline trickles down to your footwear, too. It’s so prevalent as to be a trend worth watching, while also being a sticking point for many shoppers. 

Shopping sustainably – searching for companies that make their shoes the right way, using the right materials – doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style, as companies like Rothy’s and Cariuma have proven in recent years. Both brands inspire fervent wait-list times for shoes that, while made in slightly different ways from each other, are both admirable nonetheless.

STYLECASTER | Pedro Pascal Fashion

Cariuma uses recycled materials in everything from its canvas uppers and rubber soles to its packaging, while Rothy’s launched into men’s footwear using material knit from dozens of plastic bottles (our selling point? They’re also Pedro Pascal-approved.) It doesn’t hurt that both companies offer styles from skate shoes to runners to Chelsea boots at fair prices. 

men's shoe trends Cariuma


Rothys Sneakers Courtesy of Rothys 6 Mens Shoe Trends For 2023, Including Pedro Pascals Sustainable Sneaks


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