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If there is a popular criticism for huge-bosomed gals, most would level to aid problems and the incapability to resolve problems connected to their manner possibilities. Thanks to Miami’s Pots of Honey CEO, Kiana Coney and her fashion-helpful breast tape — Tittie City Tape — breast lifts are a cinch and back pains are a detail of the earlier.

Coney a short while ago sat down with rolling out to explore her wildly well known product, which has now caught the attention of influencers this kind of as Blac Chyna, MariahLynn and Angel Brinks, following only one calendar year on the current market.

Notify us how you went about producing this merchandise and why.

Increasing up I always had big breasts. I constantly experienced problems wherever individuals made use of to get in touch with me tittie metropolis and I never ever could obtain outfits that in good shape me. It just wouldn’t search ideal. So it was generally a aspect of my physique that produced me hate it. So that’s how I commenced.

How aged were you when you made a decision that you needed to develop Tittie Town Tape? 

I will say when I was like 15 yrs old I assumed about it, but you know when you’re 15 you like, “Nah, that’s not achievable.” So then as I obtained older, the assumed variety of slipped my thoughts and it wasn’t until eventually very last 12 months in March when I was like, “You know what? I imagine I can really do it.”

So you’ve been thinking about it for 12 a long time. What did it take for you to just take that move and produce the item?

It was an outfit that I required to have on, but it didn’t glance proper. I was fatigued of it. I’d been likely decades and several years dealing with this challenge and resolved that it was time for me to [find] the solution.

What has the response been like for you? 

To be honest, it’s been really astounding mainly because when I to start with dropped it, at the time, [there] was not any other Black-owned manufacturer. So everybody, when I dropped it, was very supportive. I have been getting so considerably assistance. I’m stunned every single day that most people is truly supporting me and I by no means knew there were [so] numerous folks that essential it.

How a lot of a variation does Tittie Town Tape make?

The added benefits of it are, if your [breasts] sit on your lap, when you put the tape on they are likely to be sitting up on your chest. Mainly because that’s not typically how your breasts [are]. It triggers some thing in you [that feels] genuinely good. It can take away your back pains [and] it does not feel like nearly anything is on there.

Have you experienced any celeb endorsements?

Just lately I had Mariahlynn, Angel Brinks and Blac Chyna. So far it is been truly fantastic. We’re having around and as time goes on, more people [are] coming [on board].

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