The Sims 4 has revealed two new Kits and teased two more as part of the ‘Season of Selves’ schedule.

Incheon Arrivals Kit, based on iconic Seoul airport fashion, and Fashion Street Kit, inspired by Mumbai’s fashion scene, are both set to release on Tuesday, October 5 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The Incheon Arrivals Kit is a collaboration with Jazzy Cho.

“Incheon Fashion is like [a celebrity’s] own runway before they get on or off the plane,” she explained. “When you’re travelling, you need to be comfortable. You wouldn’t see them coming in red carpet attire, but it’s comfortable, stylish fashion.”

the sims 4 incheon arrivals kit


the sims 4 incheon arrivals kit


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This Kit comes with a range of trendy clothing, including hoodies, sweatpants, and a particularly eye-catching long coat which Cho says would be often seen on pictured celebrities.

“It’s a lot about comfort when it comes to 공항 (gonghang) fashion, comfort, and style.”

Meanwhile, the developers teamed up with Shruti Sitara Singh for the Fashion Street Kit.

“The Fashion Street Kit is inspired by a lot of India, and of course Mumbai,” Singh said. “Each piece is adorned with lively colours and prints specific to different cultures, because Mumbai, the City of Dreams, is a melting pot.”

the sims 4 fashion street kit


the sims 4 fashion street kit


Nose rings and henna tattoos also feature in this Kit. One of the clothing items is a striking wrap skirt, which is based on how the women of the Koli community wear their saris.

“It’s more like a skirt because you have to walk a lot and go into the ocean to fish,” Singh said. “That’s why it’s above the knee and tucked in, so it doesn’t go into the water.”

The ‘Season of Selves’ roadmap confirms two more Kits will be announced shortly. One will be another ‘Create-a-Sim’ Kit, while the other is a build Kit.

In addition, there will be free updates that “let you customise your space with colour and unlock new ways to play” (although SimGuruFrost was quick to say this is “not a tease to a colour wheel”).

the sims 4 season of selves


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There have been five Kits released so far.

The Industrial Loft Kit, the most recent one of its type, did have a bit of backlash on launch, when players noticed that an oversized window featured in the initial announcement tweet was missing. The developers later responded by confirming this window will be patched into the game at a later date for all Industrial Loft Kit owners.

The other four kits released are Courtyard Oasis Kit, Bust the Dust, Throwback Fit, and Country Kitchen.

Earlier this month, Spa Day received a major update for free that added features including manicures, pedicures, and facial masks to the Game Pack. Some new aspirations, a new ‘High Maintenance’ trait, and a bunch of new swatches and designs to existing items are some of the other additions.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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