Fashion, history and culture came together to create one of the biggest events of the year in Korea, Seoul Fashion Week for SS22. 37 Korean brands took to the colorful virtual runway to showcase their collections inspired by the country’s history. This year’s fashion week in Seoul was entirely digital in an effort to initiate an active digital transformation in the fashion industry and to abide by COVID-19 restrictions, Home Decor Ideas

Set in a 600-year-old space, Seoul Fashion Week aimed to promote the beauty and history of the city by supporting digital fashion films, much like the ones made for the fashion show. The short-form videos for the event follow designer brands as they conceptualize their collections around Seoul’s cultural sites. 

Through this artful way of presenting clothes in an inventive light, all 37 of the luxury brands left their mark on fashion week. Hanacha Studio, NOHANT, SEOKWOON YOON, HOLY NUMBER 7, GRAPHISTE MAN. G were some of the designers featured in the event. 

Using the Korean palace, Gyeonghuigung Palace, as a backdrop, Hanacha Studio and NOHANT presented seamless collections to the public. The former brand created harmonious silhouettes melded with simplified lines to present a fresh outlook. While NOHANT displayed modern preppy aesthetics imbued with neutral color palettes.

For the two designers, SEOKWOON YOON and Graphiste Man. G, riveting concepts were the themes for their lines. SEOKWOON YOON’s collection was based on artificial intelligence and featured three dimensional pockets. Inspired by the passing of time, Graphiste Man. G’s “Re-penetration” concept infuses the present into the gaps of the past. 

Rounding out the highlighted brands, HOLY NUMBER 7 shot its collection at the Deoksugung Palace’s stone wall walkway. The contemporary brand used sustainable materials in its apparel to raise awareness on environmental pollution caused by textile waste.

For a glimpse of the stunning collections shown at Seoul Fashion Week for SS22, check out the galleries above. 

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