As the season changes and the temperature drops, winter brings cold weather and new fashion trends. Just because it’s colder, doesn’t mean hiding behind heavy coats and dull colors, Home Garden USA.

SWATCH, the official Auburn University Apparel Merchandising and Design Association blog, has provided their insight and predictions for the biggest fashion trends of this coming winter season.

“I think athleisure, sweats and joggers will still be popular again this year because it’s so easy to wear and make cute,” Hannah Mains said, a sophomore in apparel merchandising and media director for SWATCH.

She said the pandemic shifted fashion trends in making many people begin to prioritize fashion that is comfortable while still being cute.

Mains said she also expects leather, animal print and gloves to make a comeback among fashion trends this winter.

“I have seen this a lot on social media lately and I fully believe that [social media] algorithms have a stronghold on our fashion trends,” Mains said.

Sara Kunkel, junior in apparel merchandising, agreed the pandemic has shifted the fashion industry.

“The ‘zoom-meeting’ attire is still in full effect, and the blazers over workout leggings and chunky knits over biker shorts is such a look today,” Kunkel said. “I think following the pandemic fashion has shifted a lot to focusing on major comfort pieced with business professional or stylized garments added on as accents.”

Angelique Cabanero, senior in apparel merchandising, said she believes that puffer jackets will begin to replace the popular teddy jackets that we have seen over the past few years.

“I feel like people are leaning more towards puffer jackets this season as that is what I’m seeing more in online stores,” Cabanero said. “That is also what I see a lot of popular fashion influencers wear as it can easily be styled to be either chic or streetwear.”

Kaitlyn Reedy, sophomore in apparel merchandising, said she has been seeing lots of prints and statement pieces in various designer collections for this winter.

“It’s super exciting to see things that were prominent during other seasons translate into the cooler seasons,” Reedy said, “Funky mod prints have been on the rise this year in all sorts of pieces and they will definitely be making their mark on the winter season in the form of printed pants and tights.”

Reedy said she has also seen lots of vests in winter layering looks and anticipates that to be a big trend this winter.

“It is interesting to see how those of us in the south will take our own spin on some looks that may be a little too warm for, but vests are right up our alley,” Reedy said.

Jamie Krauth, freshman in apparel merchandising, said it has been hard for her to go shopping as she did before becoming a college student, but there are still ways to be trendy and fashionable while on a college budget.

“My best tip would be to try out thrifting or see if your school has a resale group chat you could join,” Krauth said. “One thing about thrifting is that old trends will always circle back around, so things you may find at the thrift store will definitely still be fashionable and trendy today.”

As for the resale group chats, Krauth said her roommate showed her many schools, including Auburn, have “resale Group-Me” chats where students will resale clothes for cheaper than they bought them for. Many of the items sold are trendy and may even currently be sold in retail stores, she said.

So, this winter don’t shy away from exploring bold prints and vivid patterns, dressing fashionable can be accessible without having to break the bank.

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