I’m always interested in trying new brands and styles, but when it comes to finding the best boots for women, I like to know a thing or two about the label before I make my final purchase. After all, harsh weather and copious amounts of walking can cause quite a bit of wear-and-tear on a shoe, and I want to be confident that my favorite boots are going to last me long-term―a consideration that’s good for both the planet and my wallet. Which all begs the question: Of all the types of boots and boots brands for women out there, which are the best and most reliable?

What to Look For in a Boots Brand

I asked fashion stylist Sarah Nearis to weigh in. “For a boot brand to be great, I believe they should have versatile and trendy styles with practical designers,” she says. “I love a brand that has a range of styles for different occasions and personalities, but doesn’t skimp on comfort or quality. When you find a brand that you love and that fits your foot well and is comfortable, it makes you want to buy multiples or invest in different styles. Just like any product, when a brand nails quality and comfort, you will have loyal customers and repeat customers make the best customers.”