An impressive fashion show with traditional costumes from different parts of Greece was presented on November 20 by the Greek School of Plato in Brooklyn.

Students Christina Mastorakis, Maria Stoupakis, Vasiliki Christakou, Nikoletta Tzanas, Nikoletta Kokkinou, Stavroula Theodoratou, Arietta Stoupakis, Paraskevi Hatzigeorgiou, Diana Stoupakis, and Maria Karounos wore the traditional outfits from Farasa Cappadocia, Sylli Ikoniou Cappadocia, Kastellorizo, Sarakatsana Thrace, Oreini Serres, Kavakli Eastern Thrace, Psarades village in Prespes, Florina, Attica of Arvanite origin, and Kefalonia.

“This is an original fashion show full of tradition, color, and history that aims to highlight the special characteristics of each region of Greece,” the school principal and event organizer Petros Fourniotis, told The National Herald.

He added: “The costumes used in the show are from my personal collection, original and some exact copies. Traditional costume is perhaps the most important expression of folk art and one of the main ways of expressing the peculiarities of people. Through its study we can distinguish ways of living, social practices, cultural perceptions, but also historical changes.”

Parents’ Association President Theodora Mastorakis thanked the guests who honored the event with their presence and congratulated the students for the excellent presentation.

Evangelia Athinaiou presented a traditional Vlach costume made for her by her late seamstress mother, Ourania Grimba.

She said: “On October 27, I lost my mother, a very creative person with a great love for traditions. From a young age in Tyrnavos, she was involved in sewing. When we immigrated to New Jersey in 1971, she continued to practice art for the rest of her life. She has made countless priestly vestments for all levels of the priesthood, traditional costumes from all parts of Greece, and much more.

“I considered it my duty to present at the Plato school event one of her costumes to honor her memory,” Athinaiou continued. “If she was here today, she would feel great joy and pride to see the young children presenting traditional costumes with such pride.

“I wish the new generation of the Greek Diaspora to embrace the traditions and the arts because they are the treasure of our Greece that no conqueror can take from us. How emotional she would be with the presence here of our historic newspaper, the National Herald, the newspaper that she considered a member of our family and read uninterruptedly every day for decades. Even in the hospital bed, a few hours before her death, she was reading the National Herald.”

Finally, the event and the history of the traditional costumes were presented by the teacher, Dionysia Alexandropoulou-Di Meo.


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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright: Beyond My Ken