Any Australian woman would want their eyebrows to be looking good. Indeed, your eyebrows play a crucial role in making you look aesthetic. However, some women may not have perfect eyebrows.

This is where an eyebrow tattoo comes in.

It ensures a fuller shape and symmetry that works perfectly to highlight your eyes and frame your face. So, the days of living with patchy or thin eyebrows and using makeup every day are gone.

Read on to know more.

The benefits of tattooing your eyebrows.

The technology and the artistry of tattooing have evolved, and now every Australian woman gets intrigued by it.

Moreover, tattooing your brows should be a personal choice, and no one should compel you to do it.

Here are the benefits of the treatment process:

  • It helps hide hair loss conditions and gives you confidence.
  • Eyebrow tattoo look realistic nowadays.
  • It will add shape and texture to your brows.
  • The tattoo will resist sweat and water.
  • The process permanently changes your appearance.

How to prepare for your tattooing appointment?

Like any other cosmetic treatment, eyebrow tattooing also requires staying hydrated. In addition, stay away from alcohol before getting the treatment done and prior to the tattooing process, some specialists may advise against drinking coffee.

Additionally, some will ask you to avoid sun exposure two weeks before the appointment. This is important as doing so will reduce the chance of you getting any peeling or sunburn.

Lastly, you should make your expectations clear and have a style in mind before the process.

Microblading vs. eyebrow tattooing– The evergreen debate.

Microblading Eyebrow Tattooing
will only last for 6 to 12 months after one treatment. It is a permanent solution to patchy eyebrows.
The process utilizes specialized pigment that could be organic or inorganic. The process uses good-quality tattoo ink that is safe for your skin.
It does not use machines but gets done by hand. It penetrates deep into your skin as the artist uses a machine.
Microblading is not painful. Tattooing can be painful.
Generally, it is more expensive than tattooing. Less expensive as compared to microblading.

The healing process is involved in tattooing your eyebrows.

The healing process for your eyebrow tattoo should be smooth and easy. Besides, the aftercare process demands a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, you can choose the dry healing process or the wet healing process.

Nonetheless, here is the primary healing process.

Day 1 Your eyebrows will initially look gorgeous after the process.
Day 2 to 4 The colour of your eyebrows would darken a little.
Day 5 to 7 Your tattooed eyebrows would begin to flake.
Day 8 to 10 It will start to heal after the flaking session.
Day 14 to 28 Lastly, your eyebrows would have a fully healed essence.

Note: Refrain from washing your eyebrows for the first 14 days, and do not wear any makeup.

The bottom line.

Getting an eyebrow tattoo is a wise decision if you want to have fuller-looking permanent eyebrows. So, compare all your options before choosing this procedure. For example, microblading is a less painful process, but it is expensive, while tattooing will require healing.

Lastly, remember to stay hydrated and away from the sun before going ahead with your appointment.