When it will come to the best dosage of ascorbic acid health supplements, it helps to understand how the nutrient is absorbed by the overall body.

“We have transportation proteins in our compact intestine that control how a lot ascorbic acid can pass as a result of the intestine [and] into the bloodstream,” clarifies Michels. And although there are many transportation proteins that regulate how considerably ascorbic acid can cross more than, they all become flooded when you get extra ascorbic acid than they can manage (about 400 milligrams), he says. 

As a end result, “the relaxation of that vitamin C just gets pushed by way of your gastrointestinal tract and is lost [in the urine],” notes Michels. What a bummer.

The good thing is, it is doable to increase your blood concentrations of vitamin C. If you’re using pure ascorbic acid (i.e., much more than 300 to 400 milligrams for each serving), the finest prepare is to crack it up into two or a few doses and unfold them out during the day. 

“This way, the transport proteins have [a lower] likelihood of being overcome, and far more vitamin C will get by way of the bloodstream,” claims Michels.

It is really worthy of noting that most scientific research, specifically people on the hyperlink involving vitamin C and immune perform, require doses at 500 or 1,000 milligrams—and from time to time higher. So, for bigger doses, you can want to be more aware of the variety of vitamin C in your complement so you can improve absorption.

That is why mindbodygreen’s vitamin C potency+ employs a clinically researched and extremely bioavailable combo of vitamin C (a 1,000-milligram dose, to be actual), lipids (fatty acids from rice bran), and citrus bioflavonoids (phytonutrients from bitter orange).* So it is really a sophisticated or trio, with C as the main actor, and the lipids in addition citrus bioflavonoids as the supporting actors.

When taken together, the lipids assistance vitamin C go through lipid membranes, although the citrus bioflavonoids assistance buffer the C from oxidation.* For the document, this interprets into a 233{362bf5cdc35eddfb2532d3c23e83b41deb229c4410d15cb1127c60150cbd4488} higher mobile absorption rate of vitamin C in comparison to pure ascorbic acid.*†

The higher restrict of vitamin C is 2,000 milligrams a day (as per the Countrywide Academies), this means it really is absolutely secure for most adults to acquire up to that dose of vitamin C every single working day.

In actuality, a Absolutely free Radical Biology & Medication review observed that greater doses of vitamin C can produce added well being gains—but be sure to get the eco-friendly light-weight from your wellness treatment company prior to starting up a superior-efficiency vitamin C dietary supplement.*