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A watch is a fashionable and functional accessory. It has many functions: luxury watches testify to wealth, can be a status symbol, and the most modern, sporty models can not only indicate the time, but also measure the pulse and connect to a smartphone. What is worth knowing about their past and is it even worth buying a watch in these modern times?

  1. What is worth knowing about watches history?
  2. Why is the watch industry still important?
  3. What kind of watches are worth choosing and how to find the best model for yourself?

Is the history of watches just pocket watches? Let’s try to find out more about this invention.

What is worth knowing about watches history?

Despite the fact that the passage of time and the sense of the need to measure it have been with humans since time immemorial, mechanical clocks were not developed until the late 13th century. It was not a pocket watch, but a mechanism housed in a tower. The gnomon, a pole set in the ground whose shadow indicated the passage of time, can be considered the first watch. All early watches were made using nature powers, usually the sun. As watches developed over time, the First World War played a huge role in the changes that took place in this industry. At that time a portable clock was very useful on the battlefield. It was very beneficial for a soldier to have a wrist watch, as it gave him a chance to get a more accurate idea of the situation he was in. Due to the world war, the demand for sturdy watch models increased.

Why is the watch industry still important?

Nowadays, despite the development of technology, wrist watches are still popular. Products such as iced watches testify to social status. A women’s bracelet watch can be an elegant accessory with high functionality. Moreover, products such as rainbow watches, for example, can allow people to express their identity or views. Watches are still considered extremely elegant and fit the image of a businessman, for example. With a wide selection of models, the watch market can find customers from all social groups and ages. Nowadays you can wear watches whenever you like, because of a large selection of models.

What kind of watches are worth choosing and how to find the best model for yourself?

To find the best watch, the first thing you need to remember is to match it to your own needs. For example, the Swiss watch industry is known for its top models, but not everyone needs the best solution – for a child, a cheap, colorful model from a local store may be better. Note the signature watches, which can be a great gift, and the versatile elements watches. A wide selection of electrical and mechanical watches makes it easy to find the perfect model for you.