Are you looking for a wallet? There are so many options available in the market and online shops. Honestly, a wallet seems like one of the easiest things to shop for, but so many people still can’t figure out the perfect wallet for men. So here’s your ideal wallet guide for men and a list of all things one should look for when buying a wallet.

A wallet is a must-have for every man out there. This little accessory of leather provides ample space to carry your cash, cards and other essentials and completes your look. Here are a few options you can look at while buying your wallet:

1)  Slim Wallets

As the name suggests, these wallets are extremely slim and are meant to carry a few cards and a bunch of cash. If you’re someone who likes to keep it minimal, this is the best option for you. It looks chic and is convenient to be carried around. Typically, these are made from leather and leave no outline when kept in pant pockets. This type of wallet is best known for holding its shape together even when kept in tight pockets and protecting your cards from being damaged.

2)  Sports Wallet

Are you a gym freak? Do you go out for a run or maybe a hike often? If the answer is yes, this is the perfect wallet. Sports Wallets are durable, waterproof and secure. These are usually made from synthetic material, unlike the common wallets made of leather. It protects your cash, cards and identification proof while you are on a hike or maybe sweating out in a gym. These are great for the activities mentioned above. However, they cannot be a replacement for leather wallets.

3)  Travel Wallets

One may need to carry some extra cash or identification proof while travelling, and these wallets are made to provide you extra space while travelling. These can be great for holding passports and flight tickets. Made from leather, travel wallets are elegant and classy. Like sports wallets, these cannot be used for everyday purposes due to their slightly bigger size. Nonetheless, these are perfect picks while travelling for a work-related trip or a casual holiday with your buddies.

4)  Billfolds

These are the classics and always use wallets made from leather. There are two types of billfolds available, the bifold and the trifold. While the bifold ones are more spacious, the trifold wallet feels more compact. They are meant to carry cash, cards and other essentials for the office every day. Billfolds are the most widely used wallets that give a vintage vibe. These are easy to carry and access. It’s a must-have for every gentleman. These are sturdy, strong, durable, and made of genuine leather.

5)  Phone Case Wallets

Here comes the most convenient wallet type. Are you tired of carrying so many things in your pant pockets? Car keys, wallets, mobile phones and everything else need space in our tiny little pockets, but this wallet is your one-stop solution. One can easily carry a mobile phone in this type of wallet along with checks, cards and indentation proof. These might not be the perfect choice for a professional look, but they are very convenient to carry.

Wallets are not only made for one’s convenience but also to upgrade one’s look. It surely upgrades a man’s personality. While it’s just a little thing, choosing the right wallet is extremely necessary. One should consider a lot of things while choosing the perfect wallet. The right colour, purpose, and material are the criteria one must look out for.