Most people have a negative opinion about poker simply because it’s a form of gambling that has gotten countless people addicted. Only a handful of individuals understand the value of this game as a means of earning money and exercising their minds. One particular person to have tapped into both of these poker benefits is Andrew Jeong.

Andrew started playing poker when he was still in his teenage years as he liked the thrill he got from it. Later on, he learned to appreciate the monetary rewards he would earn from winning games, which prompted him to join tournaments. 2021 was when Andrew started joining poker tournaments and slowly climbed up the ranks in the industry.

While he had always been passionate about poker, Andrew also loved doing business, so he founded his own company in South Korea. The company he built was a clothing brand he called Bonsaintz, which specializes in South Korean fashion. Andrew was always known in his circle of friends for his trendy clothes, so it made sense that he chose this lane to start a business.

Bonsaintz has many outlets in South Korea and abroad, which Andrew is looking to expand in the years to come. In addition, he wants the network he built from playing poker to support his brand as well. Andrew is a great socializer, so most of his followers think he’ll achieve this goal quite easily. He currently has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram, which helps him build a strong presence for his brand and poker ventures.

Andrew has achieved massive things at a young age, both as a businessman and a poker player. When he joined his first tournament in 2021 through the World Series of Poker Games, he learned better strategies in his game. Right after this tournament, Andrew would become the highest-ranked South Korean poker player in the world. He considers this a major achievement, but he believes he can do more in the future.

Andrew’s clothing business quickly flourished as well, thanks to his effective marketing and sales strategies. He’s earned the trust of some of the most famous K-pop stars in South Korea and celebrities in other countries. Through Bonsaintz, Andrew also has helped build people’s awareness and patronage of South Korean fashion all over the world. South Korea has become famous, globally, due to K-pop and many fashion brands, like Bonsaintz.

While navigating his way to success as a poker master and business owner, Andrew faced innumerable challenges and obstacles. He faced trust issues when he was just starting as a businessman and worked with people who failed and disappointed him. Andrew had to overcome his pride and learned to admit that he needed to improve himself to excel in poker, which he did.

Through perseverance and a desire to learn, Andrew overcame the odds to become successful both as a poker player and as a businessman. He has earned the admiration of his counterparts in the poker and business industries due to his intelligence and work ethic. People can check out Andrew’s Instagram and Facebook pages to learn more about his brand and his incredible journey to success.

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