Designing a house and fashion are almost one and the same. So, if you come from a background in fashion or just adore it, when it comes to your home, while you want it to be comfortable, you also want it to be stylish. Naturally, you have the skill set to know what works well and what doesn’t, but you may not have managed to make it feel like yours completely yet.

This is why you need to dig deep and learn to spread that freedom to express yourself in fashion with your creative ideas and produce to other areas of your life, like interior design.

So if your home does not feel unique to you, it is time to put your skills to the test and start being more creative.

The best place to start is your bedroom. Getting some handy tips from the article below will send you in the right direction and help you form your own ideas.

Have Unique Items

First of all, one way to make your bedroom feel uniquely yours is to have items that mean something to you and no one else. This can include sentimental items from your childhood or things that mean a lot to you, like clothes. You may have tons of old clothes you can’t bear to part with, but you adore, like the first t-shirt you made or your favorite concert t-shirt that you would never wear in public but has plenty of memory attached.

One really cool way you can have your clothes in your room is to use them as a blanket. My T-shirt Blanket is a company that allows you to make your own blanket using old t-shirts. This is something that no one else in your home is going to have, so it really makes your room feel like yours.

Cater to Your Own Entertainment

A lot of people like to spend most of their time in their bedroom. However, if you have nothing to do in your bedroom, then this might not be very possible. You should feel as if you can spend plenty of time here without getting bored. This is why you should consider making some investments that will help you stay entertained in your room. For fashion designers, you could bring a sewing machine in and plenty of storage bins to keep spare bits of fabric around in case you want to get creative. It can be helpful to invest in a TV or desktop so that you can sew and design without feeling alone.


Just like being entertained, you need to make sure that you feel comfortable in your bedroom. Hunching over a sewing machine all day requires comfort that can help you reset and rest. You need a comfortable bed, pillows, and soft furnishings. If you don’t have this already, make it a priority to buy. To further this, consider the lighting. If you install lighting that can be dimmed and brightened as and when you need it, this enables you to sew and draw and then relax later on. Catering to your hobby or career by thinking about the atmosphere and set-up are all things that contribute massively to the overall feel of your bedroom and help it feel like your own.